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Pippa Jamie is an advanced BWRT®  practitioner, having been one of the first people to be trained in this fantastic technique. Pippa was trained directly by the founder and creator Terence Watts.

​Pippa originally trained as a Chartered Physiotherapist, and having worked for many years in the NHS and private sector , realised that  you cannot separate out physical problems from psychological influences so therefore researched more into psychological therapies, including hypnotherapy. Having gained distinction in her hypnotherapy diploma and worked with this modality with great success, she then has gone on to train in advanced techniques and found BWRT® to be an incredible therapy. 

Pippa is now a qualified level 1 , 2 and 3 practitioner  which helps the psychological aspects of physical conditions such as autoimmune problems.

The results have been outstanding with clients referring it to " magic", which it definitely isn't ! however the results speak for themselves , and in the clients eyes they seem almost magical as they are fast and permanent. What more could you ask for?

It is a therapy that seems to set the 'reboot' button, however longstanding the problem is, it can be helped by BWRT ®, and if you would like change to happen, this therapy is the therapy for you!

Triggers for anxieties , phobias, stresses, bad habits  could all be deleted in just one session allowing a new, vibrant, confident life to show and blossom and YOU to become the person you WANT to be, not the person you have been forced to become due to past events or traumas. There is nothing to lose as there are NO BAD SIDE EFFECTS, just positive ones!!

Please do contact Pippa for more information or to make an appointment in quiet confidential surroundings.

​​Visit the websitewww.bwrt.org ​ to see more client testimonials of this amazing therapy