Frequently Asked Questions..

Is it Hypnosis ?    No , you are in a total normal state of awareness, in fact the success depends on your full cooperation at all times with your thoughts and feelings being monitored

Will I have to go through traumatic events again?  No, you will have to think briefly about the feelings of the event but that soon is replaced,  it is a very relaxing, pleasant therapy

I would rather keep some things private, is that ok?  Absolutely! in fact as the therapy is totally client led, it is beneficial for the therapist not to know all the details.

How many sessions will I need?  This depends on the complexity of the problem, simple fears and phobias can often be totally sorted in just one session, however, a more long standing belief or physical issue may take up to 4 sessions, but this will be explained after consultation with you. It can go as fast or slow as you would like.

What actually will a session involve?  At first a full consultation will be given with questions and explanations about the therapy, and an assessment will be made if this is the correct therapy for you. If this is agreed then therapy will begin, usually taking an hours appointment each time, it is a talking therapy but often details you would rather not disclose are absolutely not required, so it is a content free therapy and it  is all completed sitting in a comfortable chair with the client leading the therapy:  first the troubling experience will be 'frozen' and then replaced with recursive loops, with just guidance from the therapist. At all times each step will be explained, discussed and agreed.

Are the results permanent?  As far as we have experienced the results have been excellent and long lasting, we have not experienced any relapses, however, we find when one problem is sorted out sometimes a different problem arises and needs to be dealt with.

Is it being used widely? Yes BWRT ® is being used around the UK and across the world, in South Africa it is now the treatment of choice for psychologists in their clinics and part of 2 universities advanced CPD. It is also being trialled in the NHS in England with so far very promising results. 

Do I have to get to Warwickshire ?  No, this therapy can be given successfully by Skype and FaceTime, Pippa has already treated people as far away as Los Angeles and New York with excellent results

How much does it cost?   please ring Pippa for details, concessions for OAP's and young children

​Can it be helpful for children? Yes definitely, Pippa has helped many children with various problems from bedwetting to bullying to exam stress ,as long as they are able to understand the process and have reasonable concentration. A full assessment would be given to assess the suitability of this therapy, but if this is not suitable, other therapies will be discussed.

I have tried NLP, CBT in the past with no lasting good effect, is it any different? Yes it is very different from other modalities, and if in the past these have not been helpful, it is definitely a good idea to try BWRT , as the results have been excellent. This is because it deals with the cause of the problems not just the effects, and is utilising a different area of the brain, using the emotional centre rather than the executive area.

Will I be able to drive home afterwards?  Yes absolutely! the only side effects are positive!! you will be relaxed and fully awake and alert with no adverse effects at all. ( maybe slight amazement at how easy the whole process is !!)