PE , suffering from crippling public speaking fear: 

 Pippa, Just spoken in Parliament at the APPG and unfortunately I may have to sack you .... as it went really well!!!

JH , suffering from alcohol dependency:

I recently had a BWRT session with Pippa and I'm genuinely blown away with how powerful it was. This is my first experience with BWRT and whilst I approached it with a very open mind I still felt a little sceptical as to it efficacy.

Pippa made me feel completely at ease, she has a very friendly and infectiously bubbly persona which brought me out of my shell immediately. She explained very informatively what to expect during the session and then reassurance and support expertly guided me through the session itself.

the hour and a half disappeared in ( what felt like) a flash and at the end of the session the scepticism crept back in- I found myself wondering how a process that I found really quite enjoyable could have helped me reduce my alcohol cravings. However, I haven't had a craving since and that was after just one session!

I can wholeheartedly recommend Pippa, and I am incredibly grateful to have been supported by her.

GA,  suffered a personal trauma 12 years ago and it affected her every day:

I wanted some time to pass before messaging to talk about the difference I feel!

I feel so much better in general since our session . Much more able to see a bright future for myself with the things I desire.

So much gratitude from me for this therapy, truly transformative.